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"Lovers" of God

God offers us Salvation, deliverance, and the Holy Spirit for free, but some seek the Holy Spirit and do not receive Him because they do not want to give up their projects or dreams.

Some people act like God is the servant and they are the master as if God needs them. They make light of God's compassion and His Spirit. How many people give everything and put all their strength into what they want, but why don't they put the same strength into receiving the Holy Spirit? It's simply because they don't want to give up the wrong, improper, and irregular life they have been living.

They see no urgency in receiving the Holy Spir-it, but when wars, pandemics, earthquakes, and catastrophes arise, they wake up, become terrified and fearful, and think: "I'm going to run to the arms of God." So, God uses everything terrible in this world to get people's attention and say: Ïf you call on Me, I am here. If you want Me, I am here. If you want Me, I am ready to help you. Come to Me, and I will give you rest."

Perhaps, despite attending a church, you have had your moments of sin and have lived a double life, as happens with lovers. A lover is a person to whom you have no responsibility for. They go to the other person and then return to their home and family; they live a double life. It is what human beings do with God: they only go to Him when they are in pain.

But God is knocking on your door now for you to answer Him and surrender to Him because He wants to make His home in you, and He does not want to share this space with anyone else. Get out of this life of error and sin, make amends with God, and all other things will be added to your life. Strive to maintain a correct, simple life in accordance with God's Will and Word.

Bishop Edir Macedo

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