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What is UniSocial?

UNISOCIAL is the partnership of all the outreach groups of The Universal Church Social Projects, with the goal of doing social work and saving souls for the Kingdom of God. It organizes fundraisers, donations, and voluntary services to help those in need.

We combine charitable deeds with faith in the God of the Bible to transform lives. We believe that true change can only happen if a person’s mind is renewed and trained to think the way God does.

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UNISOCIAL has led disaster relief effort in various communities around Canada, as well as periodic food drives to assist struggling communities. Its ongoing efforts have brought hope to hundreds of families.

The goal of the UniSocial is to combine action with faith because there are people who need a helping hand in time of distress.

However, with the aid that perishes accompanied by a spiritual help which is permanent, UniSocial aims to change the mentality and the situation of those living under these circumstances so that they can rebuild their lives.

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