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EVG - The Evangelism Group

What is EVG Group?

The Evangelism Group (EVG) is composed of volunteer members of the Universal Church. Many of the UCKG members devote their time going out into the community to share the Word of God through their own experiences in the hope that doing so may inspire others to seek God out more in their own life. It is not only about inviting people to go to Church but with the aim of bringing them to Jesus to receive the life that they have received through the Universal Church.


The group also participates in the movement that the Church does such as Unisocial, Night Angels and prison work.

The evangelist's work is to go out and speak to someone about Jesus.

The role of an evangelist is to be a soul winner that God can use to reach and save those people who are despised, rejected and are suffering. We don't judge people but rather, we help.

These people are volunteers and are not forced to help others but because they received a new life through the Word of God they want to do the same to other people. They are soul winners and that's what makes them special.

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